Jamie Allman Organizes Pro-Trump Rally, Many Black Supporters Participate and March Past Black Lives Matter Protesters (Who Are Mostly White), Facebook Locks His Account

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Radio host Jamie Allman led a March in Washington D.C. on Saturday that saw hundreds of Trump supporters march from the National Monument to the White House.

Most of the marchers in the 1776 Freedom Tour March were African-American or minority.

A video of the event shows marchers walking past Black Lives Matter Park chanting “We love Trump!”

BLM protesters, most of whom were white, look stunned. The video received more than 21,000 views.

On his flight home to St. Louis, Allman discovered that he had been locked out of his Facebook account of “bullying and harassment.”

It appears to have been reinstated, but Facebook does not allow the video to be embedded on other pages.

You can view the video on Allman’s Facebook page here.


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