Pfizer Already Manufacturing Covid19 Vaccine – Before Approval

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Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has manufactured “hundreds of thousands of doses” of its Covid19 vaccine already at its plant in Puurs, Belgium. They are being stockpiled, ready to be rolled out worldwide, if clinical trials are a success and final approval is reached.

Pfizer hopes to make 100 million doses available this year and 1.3 billion doses available in 2021. Every patient who receives the vaccine will need two doses, according to the firm.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Pfizer’s UK chief Ben Osborn said seeing the vaccine being manufactured brought him a great deal of joy. “It just brought a tremendous smile to my face to see all of this work actually result in a product,” he said.

The company is currently running a trial on 44,000 people and says it plans to apply for emergency U.S. approval of its vaccine this November.

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