War Breaks Out Among Wikipedia Editors Over Whether Hunter Biden Scandal is “Debunked”

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Internal conflict has erupted at Wikipedia, with editors engaging in a behind-the-scenes back-and-forth over whether the scandal over Hunter Biden’s emails should be labeled “debunked.”

On September 30, user “Php2000” removed “debunked” from Hunter Biden’s page, writing, “Sources state [Hunter Biden] was making 50,000 USD a month as a board member in Ukraine gas company. Hardly ‘debunked.’”

Just two minutes later, according to the website’s time stamping, editor “Billmckern” reinserted the change, writing, “It’s been debunked and we have consensus language here.”

Php2000 once again deleted the word, explaining that Hunter Biden making that money in Ukraine was a well-documented fact. “What exactly has been debunked?” they asked. “Read the references,” replied Billmckern a mere four minutes later, once again restoring the “debunked” label.

Also notable is that a Wikipedia editor who frequently contributes to Hunter’s page, “Soibangla,” previously edited Jeffrey Epstein’s age so that it read that there was “no evidence” that Bill Clinton was friends with the dead sex-trafficker.

Bill Clinton has traveled on Epstein’s plane, records show, at least 26 times and has also been seen on Epstein’s private Caribbean island.

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