Email Reveals Hunter Biden Did In Fact Lobby VP Biden for Political Favors – Despite Denials

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Recently released emails show Hunter Biden did in fact lobby his father, VP Joe Biden, for political favors. Not only did Hunter Biden acknowledge that he holds political sway over his father, but that such interference is unethical and could get him figuratively “killed” by White House/Vice Presidential staff if unforeseen issues arose.

The email was written by Chuck Harple, a senior partner at major D.C. lobbying firm The Mathis Harple Group. He was writing to urge Hunter to arrange a meeting with his father Joe Biden. Biden was in office as Vice-President at the time.

The email reads:


I will tell you that the Building Trades are at the end of their rope with this administration. They, General President Mark Ayers and Secretary Treasurer Sean McGarvey were told two years ago that Nate Tamarin was the “labor guy.” Since then, those that haven [sic] chosen to circumvent Nate after “no action” did hear the wrath of Nate. Those that stood up to him – the Ibew, NEA, IAFF, etc…. Basically told nate to go f off – in a nice way.”

“Personally, I was the Teamsters Political Director and under the Bush Presidency – I was able to call rove, Mehlman, Sara Taylor and Andy Card. Granted a lot didn’t get done – but at least we were heard.Whereas now, we have our team in – and Sean has sent an official letter asking for a meeting with Vice President Biden over a year ago, and the reasoning for not getting the meeting is absolutely ridiculous. So what is worse – having our guys in there and no access or having access (like with Bush) with terrible results. Furthermore, the National Building and Construction Trades Secretary Treasurer (who represents nearly 3.5 million members) THINKS that vice president Biden doesn’t want to meet with him and his President Mark Ayers.”

“You should not be worried about getting “yelled” at by the Boss or his staff – they should be shitting their pants thinking that – because of miscommunications, the Building Trades think they are being dissed by the Vice President. Personally, the Bldg Trades are too honorable and stuck on protocol. If it were my union – I would have sandwiched the President, VP or their CoS and made sure they knew.

All that said, what works best – for you and I – is for you to call Sean first. Say you talked to me and that you want to get all the facts before you talk to the big guy. This will be good for both of us.

What do you think?”

A little over two hours later, Hunter Biden replied:

“I’ll work on it – but is there any issue I should know about before I go around everyone and straight to him – if I ask he will do it – but if I am missing something legit then i will get killed by staff.

R. Hunter Biden

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