Bank of America: Fed Will Unleash Inflation, Universal Basic Income with Digital Currency

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Bank of America’s chief investment strategist, Michael Hartnett, laid out a vision this week for where he thinks the Central Banks are taking us with their plans for instituting all-digital currency systems.

He says the Federal Reserve will move toward a digital-dollar system, in order to spur inflation with unlimited “helicopter money,” and therefore ushering in the need for universal basic incomes and debt forgiveness.

Hartnett writes: “…The next frontier for central bank revolution is use of digital currencies as conduit for policies such as UBI (universal basic income), MMT (Modern Monetary Theory), student debt forgiveness, to induce sustained rise in inflation expectations.”

We’ve reported recently on forecasting for ways in which the Federal Reserve can get money directly into the hands of Americans – thereby bypassing traditional financial institutions, their plans to stop printing new currency and the ongoing coin shortage.

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