Emails Show President Obama Aware of the Bidens’ Schemes

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Emails recovered from an abandoned laptop once belonging to Hunter Biden’s appear to show that former President Barack Obama was aware of Biden-family schemes to peddle political influence to foreign actors for money, and had sanctioned them.

“You need to call me now,” reads an email from James Biden (brother of Joe Biden) to Biden’s son, Hunter. “He is meeting with the O!! Some outrageous acquisitions!! We have the two biggest days of our business life in front of us!!!!!”

“The O” seems to be a reference to President Obama.

Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed he never profited from any foreign business dealings, nor discussed any such dealings with his son, Hunter.

Troves of emails and documents recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop show evidence to the contrary. Additionally, two former business associates of Hunter Biden have come forward to corroborate the evidence.

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