Searches for “Can I Change My Vote” Surge on Google After Publication of Hunter Biden Laptop Contents

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Google searches for “can I change my vote” spiked late Saturday evening, after controversial files from Hunter Biden’s laptops were publicized. Searches spiked most in Utah, Idaho and Pennsylvania, but were followed by New Mexico, Michigan, Arizona, Missouri, Nevada, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Online interest in vote-changing information peaked just before 11pm, as the contents of the laptop began to go viral. Revelations included photographs of Hunter Biden abusing drugs along with what appear to be prostitutes. They also include a trove of emails appearing to detail an extensive influence-peddling operation the Biden family ran to foreign actors.

Undecided voters in a focus group run by famed pollster Frank Luntz said they wished to hear more about the Hunter Biden email story, and found it “scary” that the media refuses to talk about it.

“You get shut down on Twitter and Facebook if you even see the link or something. That’s scary to me, and I think it deserves an answer,” said Keith from Florida.

The Gateway Pundit reports on several states where one can change their vote even if they’ve already voted:

Wisconsin: voters who voted early in person can recast their ballot as long as they do so by Saturday, October 31st. The deadline for absentee varies by city. People who wish to change their vote should contact their city clerk for more information.

Minnesota: absentee voters can change their votes up to a week before the election.

Michigan: absentee voters can change their ballots if they have not yet been processed and tabulated. Those who wish to change their ballot should contact their city clerk within a few days of the election.

Pennsylvania; New York; Connecticut; and Mississippi: Contact your city clerk to change your vote.

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