Undecided Voters Say They Want to Hear About Hunter Biden Story: “Scary” That Media Won’t Talk About It

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Undecided voters in a focus group run by famed pollster Frank Luntz said they wanted to hear more about the Hunter Biden email story. And they found it “scary” that the media refuses to talk about it.

“The fact that [Joe Biden] doesn’t want to answer scares me,” said Keith from Florida. “It’s a simple question and he’s been avoiding it, and I don’t know why…And also what scares me is that the media refuses to talk about it. You get shut down on Twitter and Facebook if you even see the link or something. That’s scary to me, and I think it deserves an answer.”

“Yeah the bigger question is, why isn’t the media doing this?” asked Jim from North Carolina. “This is a very important topic, and nobody seems interested in it.”

“If it were Trump they would be all over it,” Jill from North Carolina said. The other thing that is concerning – even though this is not a big issue for me – is that for a man who’s saying he wants to bring back the soul of America, and relying on his character for votes, this is something that would make the normal, reasonable person question his character.”

“This man is being accused of using his drug-addicted son [as] a bag man for shady characters all over the world. I mean you would think you’d want to address that,” said Paulette from Pennsylvania.

The segment on Hunter Biden issue was edited out of the version of the focus group video that was uploaded to YouTube by Frank Luntz.

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