China Cheers Censorship of President Trump, Other Conservatives

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State news media in China is lauding efforts by American tech companies to censor social media posts by conservatives – even President Trump himself.

An op-ed titled “U.S. Tech Giants Are To Safeguard Election By All Means”, appearing in China Global Television Network (CGTN) feigns concern for U.S. voting integrity and warns of the risk of misinformation coming not just from outside the country but inside as well.

“Not only is there a risk of misinformation coming from outside the U.S., but from inside, and by key American president himself. Donald Trump in June posted misleadingly on Facebook June that Democrat Joe Biden wanted to ‘defund’ police forces. Fact checkers agreed that this post was either false or deceptive,” the piece reads.

Failure to restriction on such “misinformation” could lead to “new government measures to limit social media firms’ ever-growing influence over Americans,” the op-ed warns.

We’ve also recently reported on how Facebook has Chinese nationals working on the very algorithms that decide what information is censored.

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