Lobbyist Credits Hunter Biden with “Saving the Day,” Securing Meeting with VP Father for One of His Clients

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Recently released emails show Hunter Biden did in fact lobby his father, VP Joe Biden, for political favors. Not only did Hunter Biden acknowledge that he holds political sway over his father, but that such interference is unethical and could get him figuratively “killed” by White House/Vice Presidential staff if unforeseen issues arose.

The email was written by Chuck Harple, a senior partner at major D.C. lobbying firm The Mathis Harple Group. He was writing to urge Hunter to arrange a meeting between his father Joe Biden and union representatives.

Biden was in office as U.S. Vice-President at the time.

It has now been revealed that not only did such a meeting take place after Hunter Biden interceded, but Harple credits Hunter for delivering the connection.

Hunter emailed Harple less than a week later. “Mark and JRB [Joseph R. Biden] spoke live today and plan to meet in New Year- let me know what Sean [McGarvey – the client] says,” Biden wrote.

Harple replied 15 minutes later:

“Talked to Sean [McGarvey]. He and Mark Ayers totally credit you for saving the day. I was a little taken aback over their enthusiasm, but they truly felt – for once – they were being heard. These guys are the best. A person never has to bs or sugar coat things and with the man calling them directly means the world to them.

“I personally thank you for doing this. It will help along the way. This is why I have always been a fan to have a true labor person on staff.”

Joe Biden has asserted numerous times that his son Hunter has never lobbied him on political issues.

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