FBI Director Christopher Wray Got Hunter Biden’s Laptop in December, Didn’t Make it Public or Tell White House

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FBI Director Christopher Wray has been in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop since December 2019. Wray did not inform the White House of the stunning development.

Thousands of documents on the laptop show evidence of an influence-peddling operation the entire Biden family was running to foreign actors from countries all over the world.

OANN is reporting that agents investigating the case did not believe the story of the computer repair shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, would hold up in court, even though Mac Isaac provided the Bureau with evidence on how he came into possession of Biden’s laptop. The FBI investigation of the laptop was apparently dropped soon thereafter.

Mac Isaac says the laptop was abandoned at his shop by Hunter Biden. So far, the Biden family has not disputed any of the material facts of the case.

In addition to the documents showing the foreign influence operation, there are allegedly photos of Hunter Biden engaged in activity of a sexual nature with underage girls on the laptop as well.

Axios has reported that Christopher Wray will be fired by President Trump soon after Election Day.

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