Texas Ballot Chaser Claims to Work for a Republican, Gives Seniors Gifts to Vote for Democrats

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Project Veritas has uncovered a voter fraud scheme in which a political consultant is allegedly attempting to bribe Texas voters to vote Democrat.

The undercover video focuses on Raquel Rodriguez, a political consultant for Republican House candidate Mauro E. Garza. Rodriguez seems to work on behalf of the GOP in name only, because she is pressuring voters to switch their vote from Sen. John Cornyn (R) to Democrat candidate MJ Hegar in the video.

“You can do, you can vote for whoever you want, but our conversation that we had, you said you were voting for Hegar, ‘cause you were going straight Democrat,'” Rodriguez tells a senior voter. “You said you’re voting straight Democrat per our conversation, so that when you’re voting for the straight Dem – ‘cause that’s what you want to do, correct?’”

“I could go to jail. I’m a little apprehensive to tell anybody what I’m f—— doing, you know what I’m saying?” Rodriguez tells the Veritas journalist.

The undercover journalist says, “I guess Trump was right. (laughs) I’m sorry.”

“About doing stuff illegal?” Rodriguez said.

“Yeah, they all said he was full of s—,” they say.

“Oh hell no, he’s not. It’s true—‘cause you’re not supposed to do that,” Rodriguez responds.

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