Comic Relief: Allie Beth Stuckey With an “Honest Ad From Your Democratic Party Spokesperson”

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Conservative speaker and podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey gives us some much needed comic relief as she points out the illogic and idiocy of some of the Democratic Left’s positions, in an amusing new video published this week.

Stuckey, as the “Democratic Party spokesperson,” explains to us the virtues of voting blue.

“As our nation reels from a pandemic with at least a 98% survival rate, we need a party that understands that riots, liquor stores and abortion clinics are immune to the virus, while churches and schools are dangerous and must be shut down. It’s for your safety,” she says.

She also skewers Joe Biden’s position that anyone who doesn’t vote Democrat in the upcoming election, “isn’t Black.”

“He’s right, of course,” Stuckey says. “The only real Black people are the ones who agree with us on everything and those who don’t, well, we have every right to belittle and demean them. That’s what we call anti-racism.”


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