Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden Gave “An Emphatic No” to “Putting Proper Governance in Place” for Business Dealings with Son Hunter

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Tony Bobulinski, in an interview with Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson this week, revealed that Joe Biden had an opportunity to put in place proper oversight and transparency procedures on business dealings involving his son Hunter, and emphatically declined to do so.

A text message that Hunter Biden allegedly sent to Bobulinski that Bobulinski has publicized reads, “Hey Tony, I have an idea. In light of the fact that we are at an impasse of sorts and both James’ lawyers and my chairman gave an emphatic no, I think we should all meet in Romania on Tuesday next week.”

“And so you’re hearing reporters say, that ‘chariman’ was, in fact, the Chinese government,” Carlson responds. “When he said – when Hunter Biden said his chairman, he was talking about his dad.”

“Correct,” Bobulinski says. “What Hunter’s referencing there is he spoke with his father and his father is giving an emphatic no to the ask that I had, which was putting proper governance in place around Oneida Holdings.”

Bobulinski says the Biden’s were running an influence-peddling operation in which they were trading access to high ranking U.S. government officials – including Joe Biden himself – in exchange for millions of dollars in payments and other perks, to actors from foreign governments.

The Biden campaign has yet to dispute the authenticity of any of the allegations made by Bobulinski.

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