Leftist Groups Planning Post-Election Unrest: “We’re Going to Make Sure Trump Leaves”

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A far-left radical group is planning civil unrest in the nation’s capital in the days after the election – and seemingly, regardless of the results.

ShutDown DC says it will “be in the streets before the polls even close,” claiming “Trump will not leave office without mass mobilization and direct action.”

“On Election Day, when you’re done voting, doing election protection, or getting out the vote, come join us at Black Lives Matter Plaza,” says the group’s manifesto. “We’re inviting everybody who agrees with these organizing principles to work together to make this uprising happens. We’re going to make sure Trump leaves.”

The group is planning to block highways, shut ports down and occupy state capitols if Trump “tries to steal the election.” It also vows to harass members of Congress at their own homes.

“We’ll meet them at the train station or the airports or if they drive into town we can meet them at their homes,” the group says.

The group is conducting “mass rebellion training” in the event President Trump conducts what they consider to be a “coup.”

We reported last month on a guide ShutDownDC issued for its adherents to follow in order to shut the country down.

Reading just a few pages of the guide shows the goal of these groups is not to protest any particular result of the election, but to begin an insurrection and bring the country to a halt.

Photo by Rosa Pineda

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