Mainstream Media – Perhaps Seeing Handwriting on the Wall Indicating a Trump Win – Begins to Cover Hunter Biden Story

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The mainstream media, after several weeks of refusing to cover the Hunter Biden story – and dismissing it as Russian disinformation – have begun acknowledging the story’s troubling aspects.

Jake Tapper, CNN’s lead anchor, said yesterday, “It’s true that there’s no evidence of wrongdoing by Vice-President Biden or that Hunter Biden broke any laws at all, but frankly, it does stink,” that Hunter Biden was hired to be on the board at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma with no expertise in the energy sector.

“Bakari, the rightwing is going crazy with all sorts of allegations about Biden and his family. Too disgusting to even repeat here,” Tapper told his Democratic colleague Bakari Sellers just last week. “I mean, some of the ones I’ve seen from the president’s son and some of the president’s supporters are just wildly unhinged.”

Tapper is not alone in backtracking however. ABC News was the first network to break the mainstream media’s blackout on the Biden scandal yesterday, after refusing to cover it for weeks.

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