“National Security Nightmare” – Hunter Biden’s Laptop Contained “Classic Blackmail Material” All Protected by Simple “Hunter02” Password

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Hunter Biden’s laptop is a “national security nightmare,” containing “classic blackmail material,” protected by a simple, easily hacked password: Hunter02. This according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

The contents, according to the Mail include highly-sensitive information which was neither encrypted nor protected. That material includes:

  • Joe Biden’s personal mobile number and three private email addresses as well as the names of his Secret Service agents;
  • Mobile numbers for former President Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary and almost every member of former President Barack Obama’s cabinet; 
  • A contact database of 1,500 people including actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, former Presidential candidate John Kerry and ex-FBI boss Louis Freeh; 
  • Personal documents including Hunter’s passport, driver’s licence, social security card, credit cards and bank statements; 
  • Details of Hunter’s drug and sex problems, including $21,000 spent on one ‘live cam’ porn website and ‘selfies’ of him engaging in sex acts and smoking crack cocaine; 

“British media with many more details about a major scandal that is being censored by US media because of their firm belief it will hurt their preferred candidate…” tweeted Mollie Heminway, senior editor at The Federalist.

After posting that tweet, former Trump national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn, posted a cryptic message to Hemingway on Twitter.

“Ask who is Kathy Chung (EOP) and why in 2015 is she giving a ‘treasure trove’ of intelligence (phone no’s) to Hunter & Redacted. Any foreign power would love to have this information!!!” he wrote.

Chung, it has been revealed, worked as an assistant to Joe Biden. It has also been revealed that it was Hunter who played a role in getting her the job.

The mainstream media in the U.S. has only until recently, refused to cover the story, claiming it is a Russian disinformation campaign.

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