Texas Ballot Chaser Exposed by Project Veritas for Allegedly Bribing Seniors to Vote Dem Says She was Just “B-S-ing”

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A Texas ballot chaser by the name of Raquel Rodriguez was exposed last week by Project Veritas for allegedly bribing seniors to vote Democrat. Rodriguez would allegedly bribe the voters with small gifts.

“I could go to jail. I’m a little apprehensive to tell anybody what I’m f—— doing, you know what I’m saying?” Rodriguez tells the Veritas journalist.

The undercover journalist says, “I guess Trump was right. (laughs) I’m sorry.”

“About doing stuff illegal?” Rodriguez said.

“Yeah, they all said he was full of s—,” they say.

“Oh hell no, he’s not. It’s true—‘cause you’re not supposed to do that,’” Rodriguez responds.

Rodriguez now claims she said those things only for the journalists’ benefit and that she does not engage in any illegal activity.

“It was just conversation, like the b-s-ing,” Rodriguez claims. “They were pulling me and I was pulling their strings that’s how I saw it. Little did I know what they were doing but I knew something was wrong and I just went with it.”

“First, everybody who knows me directly, they know what I do for the community, they know what I do for people, but I’m not like a monster like they make me out to be,” Rodriguez said to us.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office sent investigators to the Bexar County Elections Office this week to look into Rodriguez’s actions.

The mainstream media journalist, Yami Virgin, attempts to defend Rodriguez by claiming Project Veritas has a “checkered history” and was “recently accused of engaging in a coordinated disinformation effort.”

You can see the videos for yourself on NBC4SA’s website here.


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