Democrats Use Focus Groups to Find Memes That Best Persuade Voters to Disbelieve Election Night Results if President Trump Wins

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Hawkfish, a technology firm founded and funded by Michael Bloomberg to help Democratic candidates, is using focus groups of voters to select social media strategies to convince the American public to reject Tuesday night’s election results if they show President Trump to be the winner.

Hawkfish is the same company that predicted the “red mirage” scenario for the election, whereby President Trump will win November’s election in a landslide on election night, but after all the votes are tallied Biden will actually be declared the winner.

That scenario was laid out by Hawkfish CEO Josh Mendelsohn said over the summer.

Now it appears the company is select memes that will be most effective at convincing American voters that President Trump is not going to win the election.

From The National Pulse:

One of the six slides from the “Content For Election Week” portion of the 28-page report insists that its content creators deploy humor, for it “can soften the attack, making it more effective.”

The following page reveals Hawkfish numbers suggesting an ad featuring a football player slamming a football into the ground with the text “Americans know…” accompanied by a picture of baby with the text “TOO SOON!” The firm alleges the ad shifted people from three to 11 percentage points on believing it would, overall, take election results longer to be returned in 2020 than usual.

The following four slides reveal mock content aimed at cautioning against “celebrating early” and encouraging patience in voters. Content aimed at delaying Americans’ expectations for election results.


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