Protests Erupt in Spain Over Extension of Covid19 Lockdown

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Mass civil unrest gripped Spain for a second consecutive night last night, in response to the Spanish government’s decision to extend a six-month state of emergency. The order comes in response to a “second wave” of Covid infections.

At least 32 people were arrested and 12 were injured when protests turned violent in Madrid. Other protests were seen Malaga, Vitoria, Valencia, Santander and Burgos.

Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, pleaded with protesters to show restraint.

“Only from responsibility, unity, and sacrifice will we be able to defeat the pandemic that devastates all countries. Violent and irrational behavior by minority groups is intolerable. It is not the way,” he posted on Twitter.

This is Spain’s third extension to a state of emergency order during the Covid19 pandemic. The current one will be in force until May 9, although there is an option for it to be lifted on March 9.

Spain remains one of the hardest-hit countries in Europe by Covid19. New cases in that country topped 26,000 yesterday alone. It is one of the highest totals since the start of the pandemic.

Frustrations are increasing in European countries as positive cases continue to rise, and other countries implement their own lockdowns.

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