“Have You Always Voted Republican?” “No, I’m a Democrat,” Says Pennsylvania Voter Who Voted for Trump

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Accounts on the ground this Election Day show Trump is pulling away with Pennsylvania. That is due in no small part to the number of Democrats who are crossing party lines to vote for President Trump.

“Finally, somebody who stands up for America. I like everything he’s done dealing with Iran, the Middle East with the peace, and as ex-military, I’m really happy he’s standing up for the military,” a voter tells NBC News.

And have you always voted Republican?” the reporter asks.

“Not, I’m a Democrat,” the voter says, surprising her.

The Biden campaign is now lowering expectations about the Keystone State. Senior Biden staffer, Symone Sanders pledges the state is not critical to a Biden path to victory.

“Let me tell you we feel good about Pennsylvania but it is going to be close,” Sanders said earlier today. “And there is a path to 270 for our campaign without Pennsylvania but we are playing to win.”

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