Wisconsin Absentee Ballots Dumped at 4am – 84% of Which Went to Biden – Raise Questions

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A cache of Wisconsin absentee ballots, the tally of which was released at about 4am Wednesday morning, is raising questions.

The 169,541 absentee ballots from Milwaukee County broke 84% for VP Joe Biden, a higher margin than is traditional. Biden is leading that county 69%-29% at the time of this writing, for example, and Hillary Clinton won the county in 2016 by a 66%-29% margin.

Those ballots caused Biden’s margin in the county to expand from a 66%-32% to 79%-20%. They went a long way toward putting Biden in the lead in Wisconsin overall.

Officials had announced that there would be no more counting in the state earlier in the night and that any new results would be announced the next morning at the earliest.

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