Dem Post-Election Conference Call: “Don’t Say Socialism Ever Again…If We Run This Race Again We Will Get Torn Apart”

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The Washington Post’s Erica Werner live-tweeted a post-election conference call that took place between Democratic members of the House.

Tempers were running high, Werner reported, over results that saw Republicans flip 9 Democrats seats. She said Virginia congresswoman Abigail Spanberger was quite angry with some of the more “progressive” members of her party.

“We lost races we shouldn’t have lost. Defund the police almost cost me my race because of an attack ad. Don’t say socialism ever again. We need to get back to basics,” Werner quotes Spanberger as saying.

“If we run this race again we will get f——- torn apart again in 2020,” Werener says Spanberger added.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi disagreed with that assessment, Werner says, reminding her caucus that they kept the House and won the presidency.

You can read Werner’s thread in full here.

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