Detroit Election Workers Allege Voting Irregularities in Signed Affidavits

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Detroit election workers are alleging voting irregularities, and they are making the accusations in signed affidavits.

One Detroit poll watcher alleges that at 430am on Nov. 4, they witnessed “tens of thousands of ballots” delivered to their vote-counting facility. “Unlike the other ballots, these boxes were brought in from the rear of the room. I specifically noticed every ballot I observed was cast for Joe Biden.”

A Detroit elections worker alleges he was instructed by a supervisor to backdate absentee ballots.

“I was instructed by my supervisor to adjust the mailing date of these absentee ballot packages to be dated earlier than they were actually sent. The supervisor was making announcements for all workers to engage in this practice.”

President Trump’s legal team has brought several lawsuits alleging voter fraud in several states in the wake of last week’s election.

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