Michigan Non-Profit Sues to Have Michigan Election Results Audited

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The Great Lakes Justice Center, a Michigan non-profit, is suing to have an injunction granted that would delay the certification of Michigan’s election results so that a full audit of the results can occur.

GLJC claims rampant fraud took place in the counting of Michigan ballots on election night and in the days afterward.

Some of these claims include: ballots with no names being assigned random names from voter rolls so they would be accepted, election workers being instructed to not verify signatures on absentee ballots, and tens of thousands of unsecured and unsealed ballots arriving at election facilities late which, when counted, were attributed only to Democrat candidates.

David Kallman, Senior Legal Counsel at Great Lakes Justice Center, appeared on Steve Bannon’s Warroom program to discuss the lawsuit.

The segment with Kallman begins at the 1:43 mark in the video above.

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