John Fredericks: Georgia Recount a “Fake, Scam, Sham Audit”

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John Fredericks, host of the John Fredericks radio show, appeared on Steve Bannon’s Warroom broadcast yesterday to call the recount effort in Georgia a “fake, scam, sham audit.”

Georgia Governor Brain Kemp (R), Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger have all “stabbed President Trump and the ‘deplorables’ in the back,” Fredericks said.

Political parties are allowed only one observer per 10 teams of vote counters, Fredericks says. Each team consists of four people. Republicans had requested a one-to-one ratio but were denied.

Workers won’t be checking signatures on absentee ballots, or matching absentee ballots with addresses and with duplicate voters, and they’re not going to be matching absentee ballots with the envelopes and signatures they came in.

In other words, Fredericks says, the absentee ballots are not going to be scrutinized. They’re simply going to be recounted.

“They’ve done nothing,” he said. “It’s a complete farce what they’re doing in Georgia.”

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