Michigan State Representatives Request Audit of Ballots Before Election Results Get Certified

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Michigan State Representatives Lana Theis (R) and Tom Barrett (R) have written a letter to the Michigan Secretary of State formally asking for an audit of election ballots before the state certifies them.

“We must take every possible step to ensure that all Michiganders, and all Americans, have confidence that the State of Michigan conducted this election with integrity and accuracy,” the pair wrote in a subsequent Facebook post.

“That can be best accomplished by a thorough audit and a verification that our election law and processes were correctly administered. Any fraudulently processed votes and unfair obstacles placed in front of legal poll challengers and watchers disenfranchise the lawful vote of every citizen of Michigan, regardless of their political affiliation.”

The action came after former Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson called for an independent audit of the state’s election results. Fraud allegations in Detroit are “very concerning,” she said, adding that they “require court intervention.”

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