Former Nevada Attorney General: Signature Matching Standard on Voting Machines Lowered to 40% Below Recommended Setting Prior to Election

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Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt (R) revealed this week that the signature matching standard on voting machines in Clark County, NV, were lowered to 40% below the recommended setting for November’s election.

Lowering the signature matching standard potentially allows the machines to accept ballots that should be rejected.

Laxalt says over 200,000 Nevada votes were counted with it, and that an additional 400,000 signatures were matched without real observation.

“Once the factory setting on the machine is removed, it takes months of effort from a massive team with the appropriate expertise to get it back to a reliable standard,” Laxalt said.

“Experts in artificial intelligence and signature verification strongly believe that when you lower the factory settings on a signature verification machine then you render the technology almost useless,” former DNI Richard Grenell wrote in a tweet about signature verification.

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