Clark County, Nevada, Officials Accepted Mismatched Signatures on 8 of 9 Ballots Mailed by Same Person

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A columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal mailed in ballots with purposefully mismatched signatures in a test of Nevada’s voter signature verification system.

Officials accepted 8 of the 9 fraudulent ballots sent, resulting in a failure rate of their system of 89%.

Joecks revealed last week that he had 9 people use his handwriting rather than their own for mail-in ballot signatures.

“I wrote their names in cursive using my normal handwriting. They then copied my version of their name onto their ballot envelope. This two-step process was necessary to ensure no laws were broken,” Joecks said.

Nevada officials have repeatedly attested to no voting irregularities having taken place in the state and have boasted of their signature-verification system.

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