Smartmatic Claims No Ties to Soros – Board Member Reportedly Has Ties to Soros Dating Back to 1994

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Smartmatic, a voting software company used in many jurisdictions in the U.S., is denying any connections to George Soros.

But a board member of Smartmatic, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, sits on the board of Soros’ Open Society Foundations. This is confirmed on Smartmatic’s own “Fact Check” page.

The Open Society Foundation has been accused fomenting revolutions and uprisings in many country’s around the world, including Ukraine.

In July, Open Society Foundation’s President Patrick Gaspard said the widespread civil unrest taking place in the U.S. after the killing of George Floyd was “the moment we’ve been investing in for the last 25 years.”

A simple search of Malloch-Brown’s Wikipedia page reveals an entire section dedicated to his “Association with George Soros;” an association that dates back to 1993-1994, according to Wikipedia.

Smartmatic is now being accused of changing votes in the U.S. presidential election from President Trump to Joe Biden in such a way that the change is untraceable. Peter Neffenger, President and Board member of Smartmatic, has also reportedly been named to Joe Biden’s “transition team.”

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