Sydney Powell Outlines Fraud Using Vote-Switching Software; Lou Dobbs Reports FBI Has Opened Investigation into 2020 Election

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Attorney Sydney Powell appeared on Lou Dobbs’ program last night to outline some of the troubling finds she has come across that involve Smartmaitc, a voting software company.

Powell says that a senior U.S. military officer, who was present when Smartmatic was designed, has attested in a sworn affidavit, that the software was created with the express intent of changing votes electronically during an election.

It was first implemented in Venezuela in the mid-2000s according to the information presented by Powell, and was brought here for use in U.S. elections as well.

According to Powell the software was designed in such a way that votes could be changed without the change ever being traceable. Peter Neffenger, President and Board member of Smartmatic, has reportedly been named to Joe Biden’s transition team.

During the same interview, Dobbs also reported that the FBI has opened an investigation into voter fraud conducted during the 2020 presidential election.

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