Arizona Republicans Sue to Bar Maricopa County From Certifying Election Results

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The GOP in Arizona filed a lawsuit this week asking a judge to bar Maricopa County election officials from certifying election results while legal challenges continue.

Attorneys for the Arizona GOP asked a judge on Monday night to temporarily bar the county from certifying its results until an audit of ballots can be done at the precinct level.

From The Hill:

“It leaves a more open pathway for a challenge of the elections,” Ron Gould told the AP of postponing the final certification of results. “If we go ahead and canvas the election, then we’re saying we’re done, and that puts a different legal level on it.”

Various voting irregularities in Arizona have come to light in the wake of the Nov. 3 election including some 36,000 individuals (the majority of which are in Maricopa County) who are registered to vote but cannot provide proof of citizenship.

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