“Missed Votes” From Third Georgia County Found – Once Again Majority for Trump

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A small batch of previously unreported votes have been found in a Georgia county. It was a small batch, but once again the majority of them were found to be cast for President Trump.

An audit of votes in Walton County added 284 votes from the Between precinct. 176 were for President Trump. Trump won Walton County with an astounding 74% of the vote. The votes were reportedly found  on a memory card that wasn’t uploaded to vote totals.

The finding makes Walton the third county in Georgia to find ballots that were up until now not counted.

Fayette County found 2,755 votes not included in the initial count. Of those 1,577 were for President Trump. And in Floyd County, 2,631 votes were deleted from vote totals due to a Dominion voting software “mishap,” according to officials. Of those, 1,643 were found to be for Trump.

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