Rep. Mo Brooks: Congress Has Absolute Right to Reject Electoral College Votes From States With “Suspect” Election Results

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Republican Congressman Mo Brooks (AL) said today that Congress has the absolute right to reject Electoral College votes from states with “suspect” election results.

“The ultimate say over whether to accept or reject” Electoral College votes for any state “is not a court’s job,” Brooks said. “It is Congress’ job under” Article II of the 12th Amendment of the Constitution “coupled with federal statutes that govern this issue.”

“Congress has the absolute right to reject the submitted Electoral College votes of any state, which we believe has such a shoddy election system that you can’t trust the election results that those states are submitting to us, that they’re suspect,” Brooks told Epoch Times. “And I’m not going to put my name in support of any state that employs an election system that I don’t have confidence in.”

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