Dominion Software Includes Feature That Allows Votes for Specific Candidates to be Weighed Heavier

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Dominion Systems voting software includes a feature that allows votes for certain candidates to be weighed, or counted, more than votes for other candidates.

The “feature” was revealed by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai through The Gateway Pundit.

From the Pundit:

Dr. Shiva found the same “weighted race allocation” in several Michigan counties.

This system breaks votes down into fractions and then weights them for some reason.

Dominion said the feature was built in for their condo or land ownership customers who may want to tabulate votes based on the amount of land each participant may own.

On Tuesday The Gateway Pundit wrote Dominion Voting and asked the company how many licenses/packages they have sold to condo or land owner entities that are using the weighted race feature.

We have not heard back from Dominion.  We don’t expect to.

We are betting they haven’t sold any of their weighted race feature products to HOA’s, schools, condo associations, etc…  in years, if ever.

What this means is that the “weighted race feature” is included in Federal Election software for one purpose only.

Dominion Voting Systems intentionally programmed the voting machines’ operating program to use decimal numbers when tallying votes, and to allow external remote access to the voting machines through a Remote Software Interface.

There is only one reason to include this — for cheating elections.

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