Montgomery County, PA, Commissioner Refuses to Certify Election Results

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The commissioner of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, is refusing to certify the results of the Nov. 3 election citing widespread voting irregularities.

Commissioner Joe Gale made the announcement this morning on Twitter.

The text of his statement follows:

Due to widely publicized irregularities, ongoing litigation and the massive number of mail-in ballots which were not subject to signature or postmark verification, and are vastly more prone to voter fraud, I refused to sign-off on Montgomery County’s unofficial general election results.

Next week, I will be opposing the certification of the official results. It should also be known that I voted against certifying the results of the June primary election – which too was a complete mess with wrong ballots being mailed to the wrong voters. As Montgomery County Commissioner and Vice-Chair of the Election Board, I have been advising voters all year long to cast their ballot in-person on Election Day.

Unfortunately, Republicans in the Pennsylvania State House and State Senate joined with Democrat Governor Wolf to pass Act 77 (PA’s mail-in voting law) which allows for 50 days of no excuse mail-in voting and paved the way for the ballot counting fiasco we are currently enduring. Act 77 can only be described as an act of sabotage against President Trump.

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