Wayne County Canvasser Monica Palmer Says Compromise Getting Her to Certify Was Not in Good Faith

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Monica Palmer, member of the Wayne County, MI, Board of Canvassers, gave a press conference today in which she detailed the events that led to her changing her vote to certify that county’s ballots.

Palmer says she originally objected to certifying the ballots from Wayne County because 70% of the counting boards were out of balance.

After having to endure two hours of harassment and threats during the public commentary period, the vice chair of the board Jonathan C. Kinloch (D) pulled Palmer into a back area and told her state Democratic officials were prepared to offer a compromise: the conduct of a full audit of the results in exchange for Palmer voting to certify.

Palmer agreed. But immediately after the vote, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) announced any agreement made during board of canvassers meeting was “non-binding.” Palmer says were vote was conditional upon the full audit being conducted and that she now rescinds her vote.

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