Swiss Data Scientist Finds 40,000 Dead People Voted in Pennsylvania This Year, 17,000 in Michigan; Republican Ballots More Likely to be Marked “Pending”

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A Swiss data engineer, working with a team of researchers, has uncovered startling findings in the voter rolls of the Nov. 3 U.S. elections.

The scientist, Vince K, made the revelations on Steve Bannon’s Warroom. (Vince says he is uncomfortable revealing his last name at this juncture.)

According to the research 40,000 ballots were cast on behalf of voters whose names have also appeared in one or more obituaries online in Pennsylvania alone. More than 17,000 similar ballots were cast in Michigan.

Vince says he originally reached out to members of the U.S. mainstream media with his findings but no one would listen to him. He eventually turned to members of the Pennsylvania GOP who were able to supply him with data sets with which to work and advance his research.

Additionally, he found that Republican voters were more likely to have their ballots marked as “pending” than Democrat voters in Pennsylvania (20% vs. 11%).

And as Vince himself points out, this is data only for two states.

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