Piles of Bricks Begin Appearing Throughout U.S. Cities Where Protests Are Taking Place





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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Sunday 5/31/20

Coronavirus May Be a Blood Vessel Disease, Which May Explain All of the Disconnected Symptoms


UK Stiff-Arms China on 5G – Plans to Bring China’s Involvement in Britain’s 5G Network “to Zero”


New Covid Strain Losing Potency – Top Italian Doctor


Hundreds Attend Funeral for Palestinian Shot by Israeli Police


SpaceX Mission Docks at International Space Station


“It’s All B.S.” – Leaks Begin to Emerge That Show the Covid19 Threat Was Never as Dire as Portrayed


Chinese Foreign Ministry Tweets “I Can’t Breathe” as America’s Enemies Troll Her


Trump Designates Antifa “A Terrorist Organization”


“It’s a Setup…You Gotta Do Better!” – Bricks Begin Mysteriously Appearing Laid Out Neatly in U.S. Cities Where Protests Are Taking Place


The Real Forces Behind the Uprisings And Ways to Protect Yourself – Thoughts From Chris Martensen and Mike Adams


Is Bill Gates Now the President of the World?


Why is There Such Resistance to Testing Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc?  Science Suggests Testing One Without the Other as Treatment for Covid19 Useless…


Trump Postpones G7 Summit, Wants to Expand Attendees to include Russia, Australia, South Korea, India


Members of Biden Staff Donate to Group That’s Paying Bail for Rioters in MN

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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Saturday 5/30/20

5G Deployment “Moving Rapidly” Mobile Service Providers Say


Big Tech in Panic Over Potential “Section 230” Protection Loss


Latest Apple Update Includes Contact Tracing Software


Most Rioters “Far-Left or Anarchists,” Most Arrested Locals


“This is an Organized Attack Designed to Destabilize Civil Society”


“Bet You Stay Home Now” Arsonist Sets Fire to Church for Ignoring Lockdown

We Have Liftoff: Historic Space Station Mission Blasts Off After Earlier Scratch


Iran Criticizes U.S. Over George Floyd Killing, Riots


Here’s What Each State is Binge-Watching During the Lockdown


Hong Kongers Rush to Convert Currency to USD as “Special Status” Threatened


“If You Can Riot, You Can Vote In-Person”: Americans Cite Hypocrisy Pro-Mail-In Vote Initiatives 


Dirty Pool: Campaign Against Hydroxychloroquine Really a Proxy War Against Trump, And For a Big Pharma Vax


HK to Become Exodus Zone? UK Mulls Offering Hong Kongers Pathway to Citizenship


5G Quietly Rolls Out City-Wide in San Diego


Trump Throws Wrench in One-World Government Plans – EU Pleads With U.S to Reconsider Decision to End Ties with WHO

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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Friday 5/29/20

Advisor to Gates’ Universal Chipping Project ID2020 Resigns in Protest, “Immunity Passports’ for COVID-19…have serious consequences for fundamental human rights and civil liberties”


World’s First Contact Tracing App Built on Apple & Google’s API Goes Live


NY Makes it a Felony to Report Illegal Immigrant Information to ICE


IRS Advises Americans to Be On the Lookout for Stimulus Debit Cards


Controversial Cuomo Nursing Home Order Disappears From Official Website


Trump Formally Ends Relationship with WHO After Body Fails to Prove Independence From China


Read Newly Declassified Transcripts of the Phone Calls Between Michael Flynn and Russian Amb. Sergey Kislyak


Truth Finally Comes Out: Mueller Probe Was Nothing More Than An Obstruction of Justice Trap Set for Trump


Sorry Twitter, But Pres. Trump is Completely Right About Mail-In Voting


Cuomo, Zucker Have Questions to Answer Regarding NY’s Disastrous Nursing Home Covid Policy


Nearly Half of All Small Business Owners Expect to Shut Down Permanently

NYC To Enter Phase 1 of Reopening June 8 – Gov


Youtube Censors Video Where Doctors Suggest Efforts to Suppress Data About Hydroxychloroquine May be Financially Motivated


4 in 10 Psychiatrists in UK Report Increase in Patients Seeking Urgent Mental Health Care Because of the lockdown


Gang of Macaque Monkeys Attack Lab Worker in India, Escape With Coronavirus Samples


MSNBC Host: We’ve Been Guided to Use the Word “Protests” Not “Riots” Re Minneapolis


Trump: “When the Looting Starts, the Shooting Starts” – Twitter Hits Pres. With “Glorifying Violence” Warning


George Floyd and Officer Who Killed Him Worked at the Same Nightclub – Report


Senate R’s Encouraging Older Judges to Retire Ahead of November’s Election


Chinese Troll U.S.: It “Should Stand with Minnesota Protesters as it Did with HK Rioters”


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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Thursday 5/28/20

The WHO Bans Chloroquine, But it’s On Their List of “Essential” Medicines


Sorry Twitter, But Trump is Right About Mail-In Ballots


Prescription Drugs Are a Government Racket, Hydroxychloroquine is The Proof


98% of Covid19 Deaths in Massachusetts Had An Underlying Condition


“Armed Rednecks” Guard Against Looters in Minneapolis Amid Riots Over George Floyd Killing


Bill to Renew FISA Surveillance Authorizations Gets Dropped by the House


UK Pitches “D10” League of Democracies to Reduce Reliance on 5G Technology from China


ViacomCBS to Slash 400 Jobs Post-Merger


UPS to Add “Peak” Surcharge Amid Covid19 Home Delivery Spike


Chinese Parliament Advances Honk Kong Security Law


Over $57 Million Paid by U.S. Government for Vaccine Injuries So Far in 2020


25% of Americans Not Interested in Covid19 Vaccine, 40% Say it’s More Risky Than the Virus Itself


Twitter’s Head Censorer Vehemently Anti-Republican – Mocked “Fly-Over” States, Called White House “Actual Nazis”


Moderna’s nRNA Using Human Genes in Vaccine – Social Media Censors Info


Time to End Big Tech Censorship Now – SHUT THEM DOWN!


Facebook’s Zuckerberg Blasts Twitter for Labelling Tweets as “Misinformation” While Facebook Labels Posts as “Misinformation”


Pres. Trump to Sign Executive Order Allowing FCC to Regulate Social Media Companies


Silicon Valley’s Tech Billionaires Conspiring to Help Biden Catch Up to Trump


The World’s 25 Richest People Have Seen Their Fortunes Grow by $255 Billion in the Last 2 Months


“We Will Keep People Home By Law, If Necessary” – UK’s New Testing and Contact Tracing Plan To Go Into Effect

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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Wednesday 5/27/20

Pres. to Sign Executive Order on Social Media Censorship Thursday


96% of Italy’s Covid Fatalities Had One Underlying Illness, 81% Had Multiple


“If You Are Contacted By A…Trace Advisor Telling You to Isolate, You Must Do That Whether You Have Symptoms or Not” – UK’s Not So Voluntary Lockdown Surveillance Goes Into Effect Tomorrow


Chinese Communist Party Mouthpiece Slams Pompeo as “Habitual Liar”, Incapable of Judging HK’s Autonomy


The CDC Has Slashed the Fatality Rate of Covid19 to 0.26% – Why is No One Talking About This?


App Helps Promote Americans Snitching on Each Other – By Showering Enforcement with Gifts


Dem. Virginia Governor Northam Mandates Face Masks After Increase in Covid19 Cases


Historic SpaceX Launch Scrapped Because of Weather, 16 Minutes Before Launch


Pompeo: Hong Kong No Longer Warrants Special U.S. Treatment in Wake of Beijing’s New Anti-Democracy Law


U.S. to End Sanctions Allowing Foreign Safety Work at Iran Nuclear Sites, Increasing “Maximum Pressure” Campaign


White House Will Not Tolerate Censorship of Conservatives on Social Media – VP Pence


New Zealand Reports Zero Current Covid19 Patients in Hospitals


It Begins: Dems Sue in 13 States to Make Mail-In Voting Mandatory


It’s Up to US to Lead the Way Out of Lockdown


Trump’s New Vaccine “Czar” Has Ties to Big Pharma


Tracking Bracelets, Human Cow Bells Coming to Your Work Site Soon


Consequences of the Lockdown Come Into Focus – “…We’ve Seen a Year’s Worth of Suicide Attempts in the Last Four Weeks”


Boeing Slashes Nearly 7,000 Jobs, Recover Could Take “Years” Says CEO


Confirmation Pres. Trump is Not in Bed With Big Pharma, Will Not Force Vaccines on Those Who Don’t Want Them – Mike Adams


NY’s Cuomo to Press Trump on Infrastructure in Bid to Revive Economy Post-Covid

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Censorship Endgame: Twitter Fact Checks Trump, Places “Get the Facts” Warning Over POTUS Tweets About Mail-In Voting

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Activitsts Confirm Research That Bats Were Never Sold in Wuhan “Wet Market”

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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Tuesday 5/26/20

Twitter is “Un-Verifying” Journalists Who Post the Wrong Things


French Intelligence Officials Warned of “Catastrophic Leak” From China’s Wuhan Lab a Decade Before Construction


China’s “Bat Woman” Prominent Virologist Says Covid19 “Just the Tip of the Iceberg”


UK to Offer Remdesivir to Covid19 Patients Despite Mixed Results on Effectiveness


Censorship Endgame Begins: Twitter Fact Checks Trump, Places “Get the Facts” Warning Over POTUS Tweets About Mail-In Voting


NATO Rejects Russia’s Offer to Pause Military Exercises During Covid Pandemic


EU Officials Accuse U.S. Tech Firms of “Imposing” Standards on Covid Contact Tracing Apps


UK Lockdown Cost More Lives Than it Saved – Nobel Laureate


Australian Protective Services Covid19 Patrols to Remain in Service Indefinitely


Lockdown Strategy Has its Roots in Politics Not Science


Face Mask Selfies Are Being Used to Strengthen Facial Recognition Software


YouTube Currying Favor with Chinese Communist Party? Banning Phrases that Insult CCP Even While Being Banned in China


Moderna’s mRNA Covid19 Vaccine Caused Serious Injury in 20% of High Dose Group, Requiring Medical Intervention


6TH Name On NYT’s List of 100,000 Coronavirus Victims Actually Died by Homicide, Not Covid


Covid19 Tricks Body Into Not Recognizing Virus Cells, Similar to HIV – Chinese Researchers


Criminal Referrals to Be Made in Opening of Trump-Russia Probe – Top GOP Lawmaker


WHO Tells Indonesia to Stop Using Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Covid19 Patients


U.S. New Home Sales Unexpectedly Rise in April


Saudi Arabia to Allow Mosques to Reopen for Friday Prayers


Hungarians Want Orban’s “Emergency Rule” to End By June

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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Monday 5/25/20

Facebook Begins Censoring Links From Naturalnews.com


Lockdowns failed to Alter Course of Coronavirus, ‘Destroyed Millions of Livelihoods’ Instead – JPMorgan


Mastercard Joins Gates’ ID2020 Universal Digital ID Project


Twitter to Now Allow Users to Restrict Who Can Reply to Their Posts


Latest Casualty of Big Tech Censorship: The Wayback Machine


Even BofA Thinks Central Banks Have “Created a Fake Market”


Oxford Vaccine Facing Existential Problem: Disappearing Virus – Scientists May Intentionally Infect Patients to Continue Work


Are U.S. Tech Giants Aiding Blacklisted Chinese Surveillance Companies?


China Building, Bugging Government Buildings Throughout Africa – Report Says


WH: Another Round of Stimulus Checks “Pretty Likely”


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