Actor Randy Quaid: “Is this the way America goes — from George Washington to George Soros?”

Actor Randy Quaid posted a powerful video on Twitter last week of what can be described as a call to arms for American patriots.

“Is this the …

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GOP Senator Criticizes Trump in Phone Call with Constituents: “Kisses Dictators’ Butts…Sells Out U.S. Allies…Spends Like a Drunken Sailor…Mocks Evangelicals”

GOP Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska harshly criticized President Trump in a phone conversation with constituents last week.

Sasse said Trump has “careened from curb to curb” on dealing with the coronavirus,” “kisses dictators’ butts,” “regularly sells out [U.S.] allies,” …

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Study Finds 400,000 Ballots in California Sent to Residents Who Have Moved or Who Are Dead

A new study from the Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa) has found nearly 400,000 ballots in California were mailed to non-residents or individuals who are deceased.

Some ballots were sent to individuals who had moved out of the state …

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Facebook’s Lead Executive on Election Policy is Former Joe Biden Adviser, Has Been Pictured with Biden and Trump Impeachment “Whistleblower”

Anna Makanju, Facebook’s public policy and legal expert, is leading the social media giant’s efforts to “ensure election integrity.”

But it has now been …

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Plot to Kidnap Michigan Governor “Pushed” by FBI Informant, Say Suspects

The plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) was “pushed” by an informant, the other suspects involved in the ring say. The informant was “one …

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Leaked Clinton Emails Show Desire to Help Muslim Brotherhood Secure $100 Million for Propaganda Channel

A recently released tranche of emails from Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. shows desire by the former Secretary to help the Muslim Brotherhood secure funding for a regional television network that would air positive messages about the group to the Middle

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Biden Campaign Admits Polling Numbers Are Inflated: “We Are Not Ahead by Double Digits”

Even the Joe Biden campaign is admitting that national poll numbers showing Biden ahead by double digits are inflated.

“Please take the fact …

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Michigan Appeals Court Stops 14-Day Ballot Extension: “Changes Must Rest With the Legislature, Not the Judiciary”

A Michigan Appeals Court has put a halt to a 14-day ballot extension that had been granted

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Former Hunter Biden Business Associate Flips from Prison, Details Influence-Peddling Operations Run by Biden, Other Partners

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Company to Open as “Survival Community” on Election Day in Planning for Civil War

Fortitude Ranch will open its three vacation condos as survival communities on November 3, the company announced. The decision comes in planning for the eventuality of civil unrest in the days following November’s election.

“We are going to open …

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In Stunning Reversal Twitter No Longer Censoring Bombshell NY Post Hunter Biden Story

In a stunning reversal, Twitter has announced that it will no longer censor the bombshell New York Post story about VP Joe Biden’s son, …

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Democrat Candidate: Election Corruption in Minnesota Worse than Somalia, Voters Expect to be Paid $200 Per Vote

Saciido Shaie, a Somali-American Democratic candidate, is saying that election corruption in Minnesota has now reached levels that are worse than in her native Somalia.

Too many voters expect her to pay them for their vote, she says. She …

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Questioners at Biden Town Hall Event Include Former Obama Speechwriter and Wife of Dem PA State Senate Candidate

Questioners at ABC’s town hall event for Joe Biden Thursday night included a former speechwriter for President Barack Obama and the wife of a former Democratic candidate for office.

Biden served as VP under President Obama.

Fox News reports:


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