Pentagon Awards $600 Million in Contracts to Test 5G “Command and Control” Capabilities at Five U.S. Military Bases

The Department of Defense has awarded $600 million in contracts to telecom companies for “large scale experimentation” of 5G technology at five military bases around the country.

“Today, the Department of Defense announced $600 million in awards for 5G experimentation …

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Unmanned Drones and Convoys via 5G Networks the Future of Resupply During Wars?

Members of the Marine Corps at Miramar, CA, are working with Gaithersburg, MD.-based Robotic Research on a new tactic: unmanned resupply during armed conflict.

“There are missions that are essentially unsupportable…with our current construct,” Lt. Col. Brandon Newell told

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Big Business Forces Hand of Trump Admin – Companies Now Allowed to Work With Huawei on 5G Implementation

The Trump administration stunningly reversed itself this week when it announced U.S. companies would be able to work with Huawei on setting standards for equipment and networks used to implement 5G. 5G is an ultra-fast data network. Critics say it …

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