Oh, Nevermind – Minneapolis City Council Members Now Regret Vote to Defund the Police

Months after voting to defund their city’s police department, Minneapolis City Council Members are regretting that vote.

From The New York Times:

“Councilor Andrew Johnson, one of the nine members who supported the pledge in June, said in an

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Poll Finds Majority of Likely Voters Want Attacks on Law Enforcement Officers to be Considered Hate Crimes

According to a poll released on Thursday a majority of likely voters – 59% – want attacks on police officers to be classified as hate crimes. That number is unchanged from 2016, but the number of respondents who say they …

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Rev. Al Sharpton: Defunding the Police Appeals to “Latte Liberals,” Not People on the Ground

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Seattle to Replace “Racist” Police Force with “Trauma-Informed, Gender-Affirming, Anti-Racist Praxis”

The Seattle City Council advanced legislation yesterday that proposes replacing the Seattle Police Department with community organizations under a new “Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention” umbrella.

The bill cites the role the Seattle Police Department has played traditionally …

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