The Kraken Released: Voting Software Like Dominion Does Not Allow For Audit of Manipulated Votes, Machines in Georgia Hooked Up to the Internet

In a much anticipated court filing,

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The Kraken Released: Smartmatic Designed to Hide Manipulation of Votes

In a much anticipated court filing, attorney

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Giuliani: We Have Whistleblowers Who Are Democrats Who Have Come Forward

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani revealed today that Democratic whistleblowers have come forward and are cooperating with the campaign to expose voter fraud that took place during the Nov. 2 election.

Giuliani made the comments during a special hearing before …

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“Noncompete” Agreement Emerges Between Smartmatic and Dominion Systems – Revealing at Least Some Level of Cooperation

According to recently reviewed documents, Dominion Systems was a defendant in a 2009 lawsuit against Smartmatic.

“The license agreement contained a …

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Dominion Algorithm Cracked: Software Gave Trump “Exact” Number of Votes While Giving Biden a “Minimum” Number of Votes – Analysis

A video analysis of voting data from Election Day and night claims to reveal the formula used by Dominion Systems to “shift” votes from President Trump to Biden.

The analysis was conducted by a user named Edward Solomon, founder of …

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Sidney Powell: “We Have Multiple People Who Saw the [Election Fraud] as it Was Happening…We Essentially Have Pictures of it”

Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell revealed yesterday that the President’s legal team has witnesses who say they watched – in real time – votes for the President being electronically “trashed” on Election Day through the use of Dominion voting software …

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Chicago Election Board Approved Remote Access to Voting Machines for Dominion Administrators in March 2020 Due to Covid

The Chicago …

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Sidney Powell: “We have more evidence now than half the prison population is imprisoned on” –Claims to Be Presented in Court in “Next Two Weeks”

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Sidney Powell: “Notably Dominion Executives Are Nowhere to be Found…They Are Moving Their Offices Overnight,” Office in Toronto Shared with “Soros Entity”

Attorneys for the Trump campaign have come forward with stunning allegations of election fraud in this year’s election using voting software systems from Dominion, Smartmatic and other firms.

During a press conference yesterday, attorney Sidney Powell revealed executives for Dominion …

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Dominion Software Includes Feature That Allows Votes for Specific Candidates to be Weighed Heavier

Dominion Systems voting software includes a feature that allows votes for certain candidates to be weighed, or counted, more than votes for other candidates.

The “feature” was revealed by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai through The Gateway Pundit.

From the Pundit

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Smartmatic Director Announced Venezuelan Election Results in 2017 Were “Manipulated” – People Must “Audit and Watch for Evidence of Manipulation” When Using Our Systems

In August 2017 Smartmatic Director Antonio Mugica revealed the results of the elections in Venezuela that year – in which Smartmatic voting software was widely used – were successfully manipulated.

It was revealed at the time that 1 million

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Revealed: Dominion and Smartmatic are Members of the Council that Helped Author the “Nov. 3 Election Was the Most Secure in American History” Statement from CISA

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Sydney Powell Outlines Fraud Using Vote-Switching Software; Lou Dobbs Reports FBI Has Opened Investigation into 2020 Election

Attorney Sydney Powell appeared on Lou Dobbs’ program last night to outline some of the troubling finds she has come across that involve Smartmaitc, a voting software company.

Powell says that a senior U.S. military officer, who was present when …

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Nearly 3,000 Votes Deleted From Totals in Floyd County, Georgia, Due to Dominion Software “Mishap”

Nearly 3,000 previously un-tallied ballots were found in …

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Attorney Sidney Powell: “We’re Fixin’ to Overturn the Results of the Election in Multiple States”

Attorney Sidney Powell says the Trump campaign has amassed so much evidence of voter fraud that the results of the election in several states will be overturned. That evidence, Powell says, will be enough to prove President Trump won Nov. …

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