Universities to Force Students to Get Flu Shots, Sign “Social Distancing” Contracts in Order to Return to Class in the Fall

An increasing number of colleges and universities are rolling out student guidelines that will place requirements on students returning to class in the fall in light of the Covid19 pandemic. Among them are mandatory flu shots and the accepting …

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Higher Education Bust Coming: Vermont College Goes on Auction Block

The higher education “bull market” is over. Forecasters predict 20% of colleges and universities will shut down or merge within the next ten years.

Covid19 has exacerbated already declining enrollment numbers and deteriorating finances.

Education costs had reached unsustainable levels …

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America’s Pediatricians “Strongly Advocate” For In-Person Schooling Starting Again in the Fall

The American Academy of Pediatrics took a strong stand last week against keeping schools closed come the start of the new school in year in the fall.

“Schools are fundamental to child and adolescent development and well-being and provide our …

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Calls on States to Back Off Student Loan Debt Collectors and Some Questionable Practices

The U.S. Department of Education has told state governments looking to crackdown on unethical practices by some financial companies looking to recoup students’ loans that some of their tactics were unfair and potentially undermine federal authority.

The notice came from …

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Murals Depicting the Confederate Flag in Elementary School Painted Over After Complaints

Murals depicting the confederate flag have been removed from an elementary school in Crossville, Tennessee, after a local man complained that they represent racist symbols.  “They are both in one public school elementary gym where all the children go …

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Online Writing Lab Recommends the Word “Man” Be Avoided in Formal & Professional Writing

Purdue Online Writing Lab, a citation website available for free to the general public has recommended dropping the word “man” from formal and professional writing.

“Although man in its original sense carried the dual meaning of adult human and adult …

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University of Wisconsin-Madison to Offer Free 4-Year Tuition to Students Coming from Households Making Less Than $56,000 in Income

The University of Wisconsin-Madison will begin offering free four-year tuition for students from low-to-moderate income families it was announced yesterday.  The program, called “Bucky’s Tuition Promise,” pledges free tuition for eight semesters of in-state, incoming freshmen from homes with less …

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Salt Lake City Elementary School Changes Name from “Andrew Jackson” to “Mary Jackson,” After NASA’s First Black Female Engineer

The school board in Salt Lake City, Utah, has voted to change the name of the city’s oldest elementary school, the Andrew Jackson Elementary School.  The board voted to adopt the name, “Mary Jackson Elementary School,” after NASA’s first female …

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