Jeffrey Epstein Was “Secretly Bankrolled” by Ghislaine Maxwell’s Father Robert Maxwell, According to New Sworn Testimony

Jeffrey Epstein, the leader of an international children’s sex trafficking blackmail ring, was secretly bankrolled by the father of the alleged madam of the ring and former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell.

An anonymous source has told the The Sun that Epstein’s …

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Hillary Clinton Gave Ghislaine Maxwell’s Nephew “Very Powerful” Position at State Department – Report

Hillary Clinton “gifted” a prestigious job at the State Department to the nephew of alleged child-sex-trafficking ring “madame” Ghislaeine Maxwell.

Alexander Djerassi, the son of Maxwell’s sister Isabel, worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign and then moved on …

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Records of Prince Andrews Whereabouts on Night of Molestation with Epstein Victim Destroyed

The records of Prince Andrew’s whereabouts on the night of alleged molestation of one of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking victims have been destroyed, according to London’s Metropolitan Police.

The victim, Virginia Giuffre (known by her maiden name at the …

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Maxwell Documents: Epstein Allegedly Trafficked Girls to Powerful Men – Including American Politicians – So That He Could Blackmail Them

Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein’s victim, Virginia Giuffre, allege the reason Epstein trafficked Giuffre to powerful men all over the world was so that he could potentially blackmail them.

Court filings from 2015 allege that Giuffre (referred to as Jane Doe …

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Maxwell Documents: Giuffre Flown to Other Cities to Meet with Epstein’s Friends, Girls as Young as 12 Involved in Trafficking Ring

According to recently unsealed documents, Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre was sent to other cities to perform sex acts with Epstein’s “friends” between 10-15 times.

Giuffre says that Epstein told her that girls as young as 12 years old were …

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Maxwell Documents: Epstein and Maxwell Asked Giuffre About Her History, Knew She “Wasn’t Very Stable at Home”

Virginia Giuffre says Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell knew how old she was before they began sexually abusing her.

During her first visit with Epstein at his Palm Beach mansion, which was at Maxwell’s request, Giuffre says she was asked …

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Virginia Giuffre Alleges Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein Sexually Abused Her From Her Very First Meeting

Virginia Giuffre, perhaps Jeffrey Epstein’s best known victim, claims that she was abused by Jeffrey Epstein, along with his alleged “madame” Ghislaine Maxwell during their very first meeting – which when she was just 15 years old.

The claims …

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Donald Trump in 2015: Epstein’s Island “Absolute Cesspool,” Media Should “Ask Prince Andrew About it”

Donald Trump in 2015 warned that Jeffrey Epstein’s island in the Caribbean was an “absolute cesspool” and warned, “ask Prince Andrew about it.”

Trump’s comments came around the time that accuser Virginia Giuffre alleged Epstein coerced her into …

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Ghislaine Maxwell “Fled” Across House to Escape FBI, Had Cellphone Wrapped in Tin Foil

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey’s Epstein’s alleged madame, reportedly fled across her home when FBI agents moved in to arrest her last week.

Maxwell was arrested on charges relating to Epstein’s alleged sex-trafficking ring which involved underage girls. Authorities  found her hiding …

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Former Jewel Thief Claims Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell Forced Him to Watch Pedophile Videos Involving U.S. Politicians

A former alleged jewel thief claims Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell forced him to watch videos of “two high-profile U.S. politicians” and “two high society figures having a threesome with an under-age girl.”

The thief, who guys by the pseudonym, …

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Attorney General Bill Barr’s Father Wrote a Book in 1973 That Foretold of the Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Ring

Surely one of the more bizarre story lines to emerge from the Jeffrey Epstein saga is the fact that David Barr, current Attorney General Bill Barr’s father, may have written a book in the 1970’s that foretold of a one-world …

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