In Stunning Example of Activism, NPR Refuses to Cover Hunter Biden Story: “We Don’t Want to Waste Our Time”

National Public Radio (NPR) is refusing to cover the Hunter Biden email scandal. In a statement by the outlet, Managing Editor Terence Samuels has called the scandal a

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The New Yorker Has Suspended Jeffrey Toobin After He Allegedly Masturbated During a Zoom Call with Colleagues

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CNN Cancels Interview with Rapper Ice Cube After its Revealed He’s Working with Trump Campaign

CNN cancelled an interview with rapper Ice Cube last week after it was revealed that the rapper was working with the Trump campaign.

“So the POWERS that be cancelled my interview on @CuomoPrimeTime tonight. I’ve actually been ban from @CNN

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Commission Largely Excludes Foreign Policy from Next Debate – Days After Bombshell New York Post Story on Bidens Peddling Influence to Foreigners

The Presidential Debate Commission announced on Friday that foreign policy would not be the main focus of the second presidential debate between VP Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. The second debate is set to take place this Thursday.

Instead …

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Biden Campaign Admits Polling Numbers Are Inflated: “We Are Not Ahead by Double Digits”

Even the Joe Biden campaign is admitting that national poll numbers showing Biden ahead by double digits are inflated.

“Please take the fact …

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Questioners at Biden Town Hall Event Include Former Obama Speechwriter and Wife of Dem PA State Senate Candidate

Questioners at ABC’s town hall event for Joe Biden Thursday night included a former speechwriter for President Barack Obama and the wife of a former Democratic candidate for office.

Biden served as VP under President Obama.

Fox News reports:


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Amy Coney Barrett Invokes Ginsburg Rule When Asked About Potential Supreme Court Decisions: “No Hints, Forecasts or Previews”

Much to the chagrin of progressives, Judge Amy Coney Barrett invoked the “Ginsburg Rule” …

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Holes in the White Supremacist Storyline – Member of Gov. Whitmer Kidnap Gang Attended a BLM Rally, Another: “Trump is Not Your Friend, Dude”

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NBC Passes Off Biden Supporters as “Undecided Voters” During Biden Town-Hall Event

NBC featured two undecided voters during a town-hall presidential election event with Democrat nominee Joe Biden. But the two had previously declared their support for Biden on MSNBC.

Peter Gonzalez, an attorney, and Ismael Llano, a marketing executive, both …

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WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin Wants to Defund Walter Reed Because They Cured President Trump

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin wrote Monday that Congress should consider defunding Walter Reed Medical Center. The response came after President …

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Chris Wallace Should Know That Trump Has Disavowed White Supremacist Groups – He Told Him So in 2016

Supporters of President Trump’s are furious with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace for his “embarrassing” debate-moderating performance last week.

Specifically, they took issue with Wallace not asking Joe Biden whether he will denounce or disavow the anarchist group …

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ABC Report on Pres. Trump Covid19 Diagnosis Mirrors Chinese Government Words Almost Exactly

An ABC News segment on President Trump’s Covid19 diagnosis mirrors almost exactly rhetoric pushed by the Chinese Communist Party.

The editor of the Global Times, a China-based newspaper largely seen as a mouthpiece for the Chinese government, criticized President …

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White House Press Secretary: Media Goes Haywire About Interrupting During Debates and Then Does the Same Exact Thing in Here

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany highlighted the press’ hypocrisy regarding Q & A etiquette during a White House Press Briefing this week.

McEnany was being questioned by …

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Jason Whitlock Decries Wallace’s Lack of Debate Questions on BLM, ANTIFA Violence: Mainstream Media is “Nero Fiddling While Rome Burns”

Jason Whitlock, longtime sports writer, TV and radio personality, decried Chris Wallace’s lack of questions about the violence perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA over the last several months during last night’s presidential debate.

“Our country is burning,” Whitlock …

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