Fox’s Laura Ingraham Loses Advertisers, Takes Vacation Amid Row with Parkland Shooting Survivor

Fox News host Laura Ingraham continues to face backlash after sending out a scathing tweet about Parkland shooting survivor, David Hogg, in which she seemingly mocked the 18-year-old activist for whining about not getting into the college of his …

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Submits Notice to Ban the Gun Accessory Known as the Bump Stock

The Department of Justice has submitted a notice to the Office of Management and Budget to expand the definition of “machinegun” to include any gun outfitted with “bump stocks.”  President Trump had pledged to make the accessory illegal in the …

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New Research Shows Firearms Purchased Without Background Checks closer to 13% than Previously-Thought 40%

Public outcry from parents, students and lawmakers is causing Congress to consider stricter gun laws such as expanding the nation’s background check system to include purchases made at gun shows and over the internet.

Proponents of expanded background checks have …

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NRA Officer Contends President Trump Doesn’t “Want Gun Control” After Meeting with Him

The Executive Director of the National Rifle Association’s legislative arm contended that neither the President nor the Vice President want gun control after meeting with them earlier this week.

Chris Cox, head of the organization’s lobbying unit, took to Twitter …

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President Trump Confuses Attendees with Calls for Expanded Background Checks, Comprehensive Gun-Control During White House Meeting

A meeting the President had on guns with members of Congress at the White House yesterday has left Democrats optimistic and Republican flummoxed, on what, if any legislative fixes Congress can pass to address gun violence.  The President flouted Republican …

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FedEx Pushes Back on Calls to Cut Ties with NRA – “We Do Not Deny Service Because of Political Views or Policy Positions”

Federal Express, the worldwide package delivery service, has announced that it will not be severing ties with the National Rifle Association, despite public demands for it to do so.  In the wake of the deadly Parkland, FL, school shooting, many …

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Up to Four Sheriff’s Deputies Failed to Enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas high School as Shooting Took Place

It is being reported that up to four Broward County Sheriff’s deputies failed to enter the building where the Parkland, FL, shooting was taking place last week, taking up positions instead, behind their vehicles outside the school with their guns …

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Ohio Sheriff Has Announced Teacher Firearm Training, Says Response Has Been Overwhelming

Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler Country, Ohio, has already begun the process of training local teachers in firearm proficiency, he wrote on Twitter this week.  Jones framed the announcement as local action against the backdrop of government inaction.

“Our teachers …

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