Kim Klacik, Candidate for Congress in Baltimore: “Our Democrat Leaders Have Done Nothing for Us”

Kim Klacik, a Republican candidate for Congress from Baltimore, has released another ad that is creating excitement.

In August, Klacik released an ad in which she challenged voters to name one Democrat-run city in which Black lives have gotten …

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President Trump Reportedly Said of Jewish Lawmakers, They “Are Only in it for Themselves” and “Stick Together”

President Trump reportedly said of Jewish lawmakers in Congress, they are “are only in it for themselves” and “stick together.”

The statements were made in front of officials in his administration according to reporting from The Washington Post yesterday.

More …

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Tucker Carlson: According to the Left We Must Obey Ginsburg’s Final Words as if They Were Religious Text

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson covered what he called the Left’s extreme reaction to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Monday. He gave a blistering account of the stance the Left has taken on Ginsburg’s death and …

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Lindsey Graham on Durham Investigation: “You Think You Are Mad About Phones Being Wiped? Stay Tuned”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) hinted at imminent developments in the investigation being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham into the origins of the Russia investigation and whether there was impropriety – and even criminal behavior – on the part …

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Mike Adams: Trump’s Use of Military Vaccine Deployment Cover Story for Invoking Insurrection Act to Put Down Post-Election Globalist Uprising

Health Ranger Mike Adams writes that President Trump’s plan to use the U.S. military to help with the deployment of a Covid19 vaccine (known procedurally as “Operation Warp Speed”) is a really a clever cover story.

Trump’s real plan, Adam …

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Trump Administration Labels NYC, Portland & Seattle “Anarchist Jurisdictions” Paving Way for Blocking of Federal Funds

The Department of Justice has labeled New York City, NY, Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA, “anarchist jurisdictions.” The designation allows the White House’s Office of Management and Budget to recommend restrictions of federal grants for the cities.

Per …

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Romney Agrees to Back Trump Supreme Court Vote Giving Republicans Path Forward

Republican Senator Mitt Romney pledged today to back a vote on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, giving Senate Republicans a path forward on …

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Liberal Op-Ed: BLM Driving So Many Voters to Trump, It’s Almost as if Republicans Are Behind It

Russian-American journalist Diana Bruk has written for The New York Times, The Paris ReviewCosmopolitan, Esquire and Elle, among other publications.

She recently penned an op-ed in RT in which she tries to alert liberal voters that the …

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President Trump Approved Pardon for Julian Assange in Exchange for Source of DNC Russia Leaks

President Trump was “aware of and had approved of” a controversial plan that would see WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange fully pardoned in exchange for Assange revealing the source of the famous DNC leaks that have been attributed to Russia since …

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Steve Bannon: “Biden is a Cipher…Trump is Going to Win the Vote on the Only Day That Matters: Nov. 3”

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon took to Tucker Carlson’s show on Wednesday to talk about the upcoming Presidential election.

He warned of the danger big tech companies are going to pose to accurate election reporting through censorship.

“They’re …

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9th Circuit Court Ruling Could Allow Deportation of Up to 400,000 Immigrants Next Year

A ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco has upheld President Trump’s decision to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS), a program that had provided legal protection for immigrants fleeing war and natural disaster in their …

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The U.S. Military Wanted to Use a Heat Ray to Clear Protesters from in Front of the White House

The U.S. Military was ready to use a “heat ray” to disperse a crowd in front of the White House in June, in anticipation of President Trump’s walk to St. John’s Church in Lafayette Square. The revelation was made by …

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