Miniseries About Comey Not to Do Too Much Damage If Premiered After Election, So Premiere Date Has Been Changed

The producer of a miniseries about the life of former FBI Director James Comey – and especially his tenure in President Trump’s administration – wrote an impassioned letter to executives at Showtime begging them to air the miniseries before Election …

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Parents Intend to Sue Over Video That President Trump Retweeted & Got Conservative Banned From Twitter

Logan Cook, aka @CarpeDonktum, has retained attorney Ron Coleman to defend him in a potential lawsuit over a video Cook created and posted on Twitter that mocked the mainstream press.

Cook altered a video that shows two young boys, one …

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In Stunning Defeat Political Newcomer Defeats 16-Term Congressman Eliot Engel, Chair of House Foreign Relations Committee, in NY Democratic Primary

Rep. Eliot Engel suffered a stunning defeat in New York’s Democratic Primary Tuesday as he was unseated by political newcomer and former middle school principal Jamaal Bowman.

Bowman was born and raised in the Bronx by a single mother in …

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Carly Fiorina, Former 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate, to Vote for Joe Biden

Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina announced today that she intends to vote for Democrat Joe Biden over incumbent Republican, President Donald Trump in November’s presidential election.

The news was made in an interview on …

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Twitter Censors the President, Again – This Time Over the President Promising Not to Let Anarchists Take Over Washington D.C.

Twitter has once again shown it is not just interested in preventing the spread of “misinformation” but in waging a propaganda war against the President.

President Trump tweeted earlier today that anarchists would not be successful in creating an “autonomous …

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ABC Promotes “Interview Everyone’s Been Waiting For” with John Bolton – Twitter Users, of All Stripes, Are Having Absolutely None of It

ABC News ran promotions for its primetime special with former National Security Adviser John Bolton on Twitter and users, of all political stripes, were not the least bit impressed.

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