Longtime Trump Advisor and Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn Sold Millions in Stock in Heavily Steel Reliant Company Weeks Before President Trump Announced Steel Tariffs

Longtime Trump adviser and billionaire investor Carl Icahn, sold tens of millions of dollars’ worth of stock in a company heavily reliant on steel weeks before the Trump administration announced hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, according to an …

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President Trump Ties Steel Tariff Exemptions for Canada, Mexico to NAFTA Renegotiation – Negotiating Style May Already Be Paying Off

President Trump wrote today on Twitter that exemptions for Canada and Mexico on steel and aluminum imports would be granted only if a more equitable version of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Association is signed between the three countries.…

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President Trump’s Steel Tariffs Draw Praise, Criticism from Lawmakers, Corporations and Unions

President Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum has drawn both harsh criticism and loud praise from lawmakers, corporations and unions.

Republican Governor Scott Walker urged the president to reconsider his decision to impose tariffs …

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In Effort to Shore Up American Industry President Trump Announces Sweeping New Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum Imports

Updated 3/1/18 7:30 p.m.

The Trump administration has announced sweeping new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports in an effort to protect struggling U.S. industry from drastically cheaper foreign imports.  According to the President the new tariffs would be 24% …

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