White House Decision to Halt $200 Million in Syria Aid Leaves Top State Dept., Pentagon Officials Scratching Their Heads

Amid growing uncertainty over U.S. policy in Syria, Top Defense and State Department officials have asked the White House for clarification of President Trump’s recent comments that the U.S. would soon be pulling out of Syria.

“We’re knocking the hell …

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President Trump Contradicting Top U.S. officials Says Troops in Syria Will be Coming Home Very Soon

President Trump indicated that the U.S. would be ending its military presence in Syria very soon, contradicting past statements and policy from top advisers and cabinet officials who have indicated that the U.S.’ presence in the Middle Eastern country …

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United Nations Votes to Unanimously Approve Syrian Ceasefire After Days of Pro-Assad Bombing Leaves Hundreds of Civilians Dead

The United Nations has unanimously approved a ceasefire in Syria after days of bombing has left hundreds of dead and thousands injured.  And the numbers are expected to rise.

Doctors Without Borders has reported at least 520 dead and 2,500 …

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Tillerson: Russia Ultimately Responsible for Syria’s Use of Chemical Weapons

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said yesterday that Russia is ultimately responsible for the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons.  “Russia ultimately bears responsibility for the victims in Eastern Ghouta and countless other Syrians targeted with chemical weapons since …

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