In Stunning Reversal Twitter No Longer Censoring Bombshell NY Post Hunter Biden Story

In a stunning reversal, Twitter has announced that it will no longer censor the bombshell New York Post story about VP Joe Biden’s son, …

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Senate Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Twitter’s Jack Dorsey After Censoring of Hunter Biden Report, Trump Press Sec: “They’re Holding My Account at Gunpoint”

The Senate Judiciary Committee has reportedly subpoenaed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after the social media platform suspended the official account of

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Twitter & Facebook Go Full “Ministry of Truth” – Censor Report Detailing Hunter Biden Dealings with Ukrainian Energy Company

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Facebook Says You Can Wish Trump Dies of Covid – As Long As You Don’t Tag Him When You Do It

Under Facebook’s seemingly completely arbitrary community standards, users can wish President Trump dies of Covid just as long as they don’t “tag” his account when they do it.

Section 9 of Facebook’s Community Standards states, “We distinguish between public figures …

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Steve Bannon: “Biden is a Cipher…Trump is Going to Win the Vote on the Only Day That Matters: Nov. 3”

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon took to Tucker Carlson’s show on Wednesday to talk about the upcoming Presidential election.

He warned of the danger big tech companies are going to pose to accurate election reporting through censorship.

“They’re …

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Man Tweets “I Want My Country Back,” Gets Banned From Twitter After Trump Retweets Him

A man tweeted that he wanted his country back on Monday …

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Twitter Hackers Reveal “Shadowbanning” Manual Job and “Blacklisting” of Trends is Real

Some very notable Twitter accounts got hacked yesterday including those of former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, businessmen Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, and entertainer Kanye West.

The hackers used the accounts to …

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Parents Intend to Sue Over Video That President Trump Retweeted & Got Conservative Banned From Twitter

Logan Cook, aka @CarpeDonktum, has retained attorney Ron Coleman to defend him in a potential lawsuit over a video Cook created and posted on Twitter that mocked the mainstream press.

Cook altered a video that shows two young boys, one …

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Twitter Censors the President, Again – This Time Over the President Promising Not to Let Anarchists Take Over Washington D.C.

Twitter has once again shown it is not just interested in preventing the spread of “misinformation” but in waging a propaganda war against the President.

President Trump tweeted earlier today that anarchists would not be successful in creating an “autonomous …

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Twitter CEO Says Conservative Employees Don’t Feel Safe Expressing Political Viewpoints

The CEO of social media giant Twitter contends in an interview that many of the company’s employees with conservative-leaning views are afraid to express their opinions.

“We have a lot of conservative-leaning folks in the company as well,” CEO …

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Facebook Helped Trump Win the Election – But it Wasn’t Just Because of the Russians

The effects of the efforts of Russian operatives sitting at computer terminals half a world away on the 2016 presidential election are still being discovered nearly sixteen months after Election Day.  What’s receiving much less attention though are the legal …

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